A Sold Out Stadium Rock Out To Irresistible Produced Visuals

A Sold Out Stadium Rock Out To Irresistible Produced Visuals

Almost exactly a year ago, Muse played to a crowd of 60,963 people in Rome’s Olympic Stadium as part of a world tour to promote their sixth album, The 2nd Law. That performance was documented on the DVD, Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, which was released last fall.

Since then, it has enjoyed strong sales in the 20 cities worldwide where it had a theatrical release. The film also marks the first time a live concert has been captured in ultra 4K, which is four times the resolution of high definition.

Included among the stunning visuals that accompanied the performance and which were recreated on the DVD was the video that Irresistible Films was commissioned to make for one of the album’s singles, “Animals.”

Directed by Tom Stoddart and produced by Harry Burnett Rae, the film played off the song’s criticism of corporate excess by creating a narrative of a greedy executive’s rise and fall, contrasting graphic visuals of stock prices speeding across the screen with sinisterly slow-motion scenes of people clapping in a corporate meeting. The performance at Olympic Stadium combined the video with a live appearance of the actor playing the executive, as he came on stage to angrily throw wads of cash imprinted with Muse’s logo into the crowd.

You can read more about Tom’s vision for the original video here and watch an excerpt of the concert performance here.