Bentley Inspirator

Bentley has recently released ‘Bentley Inspirator’, a visual experience that utilises state-of-the-art Emotional Recognition Technology to configure your perfect Bentley.

An app that reads your emotional responses to a visual stimulus and evolves tuning to your preferences.

Introducing this creative application of the technology to agency VML, they continued to develop the concept and perform the incredibly smooth and exciting application build.


Irresistible provided a toolkit of premium lifestyle video content that could be edited into personalised sequences on the fly.


Bentley - Presentation v2

We caught up with producer Harry Burnett Rae to give us some details on how the film was produced.

“Shooting took place over four days, allowing us to create a toolkit of videos that could be patched together in different configurations for the app. We felt capturing the ethos and essence of Bentley as a lifestyle was essential and director Darren Statman was perfect for this. Statman ensured that the level of customer typical of Bentley would feel as if the film reflected them by exemplifying the finer details in lifestyle.”

The application has been featured in numerous major media outlets including Campaign Live and The Daily Mail and is available for download in the Apple App Store. *September 2016 the app was awarded a BIMA prize for .Best Mobile App 2016′. 

Bentley - Presentation v2 (2)