Dare You Seize The Bowly Grail

Dare You Seize The Bowly Grail

Kelloggs has just released the Irresistible produced, Crunchy Knight, as your opponent through a multimedia advertisement campaign featuring pop ups and personilised-reactionary videos. Directed by co-founder of Irresistible, Paul Maynard, the campaign uses MPUs and banner adverts within social media. The Crunchy Knight takes over your cursor and challenges you in protection of the bowly-grail. This campaign is a whole lot of nutty fun; with games, specialized birthday messages and a laugh to share with your friends on your news feed. Are you up for the crunchy challenge?

We caught up with the director, Paul Maynard to get his views on the project:

“Glue Isobar’s creative involved taking Crunchy Nut’s brand of humour back to the medieval era, with the aim to produce a toolkit of online video content that was offbeat, interactive and witty.

We utilised a uniquely passionate knight character to provide responses to social media and vigorously defend, the ‘Bowly Grail’ via interactive panels. Further content was captured to bring the Crunchy Nut Facebook page to life in a reactive, fun and sharable manner.

To stretch the budget as far as possible we designed a contained medieval setting within a castle corridor set. This enabled us to work with some dramatic torchlit style lighting within a fully controllable set where we could reel out a huge amount of content to satisfy both the social and interactive aspects.

The helmeted knight meant that custom dialog could be personalized and recorded as and when to react to social posts and comments.”

The banner ads can be seen across various websites, however there is an ever increasing amount of content, both personalised and general, available at Crunchy Nut’s Facebook page.