The American: Bill Hicks 20th Anniversary

The American: Bill Hicks 20th Anniversary

Congratulations are due to Matt Harlock, one of our directors, who recently hosted an extremely successful Bill Hicks Tribute night in London.

The Bill Hicks Official Tribute Nights, created by Matt Harlock, have been running since 2004, allowing fans to gather and experience a specially edited programme of well-known and rare/unseen Bill footage in a wonderful crowd atmosphere, along with top live comedy acts

(previous shows have featured Mark Steel, Tony Law, Andrew Maxwell, Glenn Wool). The events raise vital funds for both The Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation and No Surrender, the UK cancer charity.

Bill Hicks is widely recognised as one of the greatest comedians of the modern era – but unlike other comedians, who’s popularity and relevance ‘fades away’, his keeps on growing. The timeless nature of his material has lead to massive YouTube views, documentaries and TV viewers polls – but also through tribute nights held every year around the world.

“Hicks was extraordinary – a funny, powerful, poignant, passionate,

clever,erudite, brilliant and moving man.” 

Russell Brand

This year was a particularly special year, as it celebrated 20 years since Bill’s death. The two events were run on consecutive nights. The first  was an eclectic mix of music live and stand up, followed by a screening of the film; The American. The second event was a night of tribute comedy acts.

The Hicks family (mother Mary, brother Steve & sister Lynn)  kindly attended both  events for this special 20th anniversary celebration and there was anonstage interview/Q&A with Bill’s brother Steve Hicks.

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