I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This

I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This

Following on from the success of his animated short, 1 Minute Puberty, Berlin based animator/director Alex Gellner has worked with Irresistible to produce another thrilling and thought provoking animation. The project has been made as part of the Channel 4 Random Acts and is due to be aired on the 26th February.

Describing the project, Gellner states; “The film is cut into short animation sequences of three to five seconds. We are thrown into very different, seemingly unrelated scenes and scenarios. Every scene is just long enough to establish one idea and then left for another. Some clips will be self-contained sketches, some aborted actions and continuations of previous clips. This creates a hasty mood, like switching channels on the telly, only that every clip has a very intriguing sequence. We are overdosing on awesome animation.

As the film progresses we can realise that most clips have something in common and interact with each other. Later shots continue actions that were started in previous and characters and signs reappear. We begin to piece things together and make our own conclusion. The “solution“ starts to appear as we see the relations of the characters unfold. The pleasure of watching this film is that of solving a riddle that seemed to be unsolvable moments before.”

I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This, was aired after the night of Wednesday 26th February. The clip that was broadcast on Channel 4 was a 3 minute cut down, to see the full version please click here.

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