Irresistible Exhibits Facial Expression Technology at Most Contagious

Irresistible Exhibits Facial Expression Technology at Most Contagious

Irresistible was invited to exhibit at one of the most innovative events in London organised by Contagious and attended by the world’s biggest brands and agencies. It showcases the most impactful marketing from the year and analyses future trends in brands and advertising.

The team we’re exhibiting Immersion Go – the new facial expression technology which enables a camera in any device to measure audience reaction. It works by monitoring expression and cross referencing with 250 years of research into how emotions are presented in facial expression. Itself learns and detects how much the user is engaged, smiling, disgusted, confused, aroused or surprised 15 times a second.

The creators of this new technology, Portal Entertainment, teamed up with Irresistible Films to offer brands and agencies the chance to interact with their audience and tailor their viewing experience according to their personal taste.

For example, if the viewer is watching a film and looks confused, the platform could register this and intelligently change the film’s content so the viewer understands the message and continue enjoying the film.

Creative Director at Irresistible Films, Paul Maynard, says; “Imagine how useful it would be if you could read customers’ minds? How valuable would their insights be, and how powerful it would be to have the ability to offer them exactly what they want? The creative possibilities are limitless when you can drive non-linear stories, tweak music, focus on particular characters more you can tune the experience for each user in any way imaginable. It’s a pure blend of technology, psychology and entertainment.”

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