Bentley / Inspirator

Bentley / Inspirator

Director: Darren Statman
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


To create a film experience that will recommend and build a bespoke configured car through state-of-the-art technology, inspired by the audience’s reactions to the content they watch.


Irresistible worked closely with the digital agency, VML, to understand and select the right type of Emotional Recognition Technology to enable a smooth and accurate app.

Director, Darren Statman shot an array of narrative scenes which would trigger the user’s emotions and analyse their reaction to these scenes. These felt premium, relatable and flowed in the app, creating a high-class world of luxury in a 3-minute film space.


A groundbreaking combination of film and tech to produce the first branching narrative, emotional recognition experience.

A scalable project that includes the whole Bentley range of cars and products.

Every user will see their own personalised Bentley on the app that is truly tailored to their tastes.

WINNER BIMA Award – Best Mobile App
Shortlist BIMA Awards – Auto
Shortlist BIMA Awards – Native Apps
Shortlist DADI Awards – Auto app
Shortlist DADI Awards – Mobile
Shortlist DADI Awards – UX
Shortlist DADI Awards – Tech Innovation

Shoot Days

Groundbreaking Technology
1st Ever Emotional Recognition Car Configurator

Extensive Press Coverage
Adweek / Prolific North / Campaign / Ads of the World / Coloribus / The Stable / Adeevee

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