BBC / Poetry Season

BBC Poetry Season – Blake’s Jerusalem

Director: Richard Pengelley
Producer: David Wilson


A London agency, Nitro, contacted Irresistible to help launch a BBC poetry season using an interesting online ad. The narrative featured a mock “breaking news” story about a footballer being signed and breaking into poem during a press conference, this provided a surprising backstory for the poem ‘Jerusalem’, by William Blake.


By playing with the exposure that footballers receive, we set out to create an illusion of a world audience.

We organised the news reader scene in an actual BBC news studio providing a touch of authenticity.

We captured the majority of scenes then carefully sourced stock footage to bolster the worldwide aspect. We composited TV footage of the player into some of the stock scenes, helping it to all come together.

An expert grade was then carried out to ensure that the films look was consistent.


With little seeding, the project was seen by a relatively broad audience, sparking an enormous amount of positive conversations about the season.

Seeding Budget

Project Target
50K Hits

Project Result
Over 100K Hits

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