Bosch / Springwash

Bosch / Springwash

Director: Robin Schmidt
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


To create an advert that would promote Bosch’s new pressure washer in a memorable way, helping the brand meet their sales target of 4.5 million units within 6 months.


Irresistible created this light-hearted, comedic advert which featured a fun loving father figure getting his kicks from using his jet washer.

We wanted to install a sense of satisfaction into the mind of the viewer through a combination of dirt obliterating redemption and the lead characters euphoric reaction to this.


The campaign went out in the UK, Ireland, Norway and Romania. Bosch’s sales target was exceeded within just 4 months so talks are underway to deliver the next exciting instalment.

Shoot Days

Products Sold
Over 4.5 million units

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