Bugatti / Imagine

Bugatti / Imagine

Director: Adrian Larkin
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


To create an edgy teaser trailer for the new Bugatti supercar without featuring the actual car.


While working with car and car mount specialist Director, Adrian Larkin, we shoot at the Millbrook proving ground with tracking vehicles and specialist rigs.

Using a combination of tracked shots, a heavy grade, and dynamic sound design, we created an exciting, atmospheric film with engine sounds from the unreleased car that would excite Bugatti enthusiasts.


The trailer had 400K hits across multi-channel platforms in four weeks.

The brand client was delighted and said the trailer was Bugatti’s most relevant video content made in the past 10 years.

A great PR response back from the Bugatti community and car fanatics.

Shoot Days

Hits Across Social Media

A Top Video
4th most viewed ever on Bugatti's YouTube Channel

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