Channel 4 / Hunted

Rich media banners to promote Channel 4’s new TV series ‘Hunted’.
A real life thriller where 14 ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters.

Hunted / Laptop

Hunted / Dog food

Hunted / Vodka

Director: Andrea Youth
Producer: Luke Plaister

Shoot Days

Unique banners

Deliverable Versions


To create banners that would look like they were advertising something else before taking a dark turn to subvert the viewers expectations for Channel 4’s new programme, Hunted.


Director, Andreas Youth was the perfect option with a sharp eye for production design and a light narrative with a somewhat sinister edge.

We kept the setup simple, with 3 locations based near one another ensure there was no time wasted with unit moves on the single day shoot.

We shot fairly wide with a 4k resolution to enable us to frame for the various aspect ration deliverables in the post production process.

We added shake and VHS distortion in line to keep with the programme’s branding.


Each banner had a high click-through rate to the Channel 4 Hunted website and provided a high-profile, cross-platform takeover on the Guardian homepage on the day of the show’s launch.

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