Kelloggs / Crunchy Knight

Kelloggs / Crunchy Knight

Director: Paul Maynard
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


To create funny, online video content for Crunchy Nut’s brand, using the Medival Era.


Irresistible created a set within the studio and lit accordingly to allow compositing of 2 CGI flaming torch elements.

Our interactive content used a knight replying to social media comments, to do this we used a helmet to disguise the actor’s face and voice-over to respond at any time.

For the interactive banner, the toolkit of actions involved having the knight start and end each movement in the same position. We used a ghost overlay to ensure that the takes were going to line up.


The content doubled the likes for Crunchy Nut’s Facebook page and increased traffic to Crunchy Nut’s Facebook page by 410% for 3 months.

The video received thousands of positive comments and interactions.

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