Hyundai / New Thinker’s Index

Hyundai – New Thinker’s Index


To write and produce 5 flagship films to bring Hyundai’s slogan “New Thinking, New Possibilities” to life. The films would launch the New Thinkers Index, a global hub for a community of new thinkers.


Irresistible created 5 stand-alone, branded content films that did not feature Hyundai or their products but made in the philosophy of the Brand’s ethos.

We sourced key talent, such as Kevin Spacey and Joe Fiennes, to drive brand positioning while the irresistible team covered all legal and contractual work in house.


The film accumulated over 146 million online impressions.

A sizeable 190% increased Hyundai’s brand awareness.

The final piece was featured in Creative Review and nominated for 2 awards at The Festival of Media. The campaign went on to win Best Video Sponsorship at the Brave Awards.

Hyundai – Royal Shakespeare Rapper

Director: Jeremy Wheelehan
Producer: Georgina Cowley

  • Hyundai / New Thinker’s Index Devlin has asked to include the song on his new album so we have some more follow up with this story. I’m a very happy man. Jonathan Oliver, Creative Director, Microsoft Advertising

Hyundai – 24 Hour Film Project

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer:Harry Burnett Rae


Jess & Jim (The 24 Hour Film)

Director: Luke Snellin
Producer: Michelle Craig


Hyundai – Fancy Footwork

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


The Making of Fancy Footwork

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae


Hyundai – Guerilla Gardening

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae

Hyundai – Puppets

Director: Azhur Saleem
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae

Austrlia Brazil France Germany Italy Spain U.K

146 million

Dwell Time
Average 6 mins

Brand Awareness
190% increase

Product Awareness
Hyundai Velostar 282% increase

Slogan Awareness
190% increase

Customer Preference
140% increase

Featured in Creative Review

Two Festival of Media content awards

Best Video Sponsorship Award

Spikes Asia
Silver Spike Award

  • Hyundai / New Thinker’s Index Great work team Irresistible. We have had some fantastic PR about this project from all over the world. The Mail Online is one of the biggest sites in the world. Our projects are on the main pages of TV and Show Biz. Overjoyed! Jonathan Oliver, Creative Director, Microsoft Advertising

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