• PepsiCo "Irresistible have been a valued and trusted partner of Pepsico for years and have produced an impressive amount of content, slotting in effortlessly alongside our Global TVC partners. But above their flexibility and professionalism has always been the impressive quality of the work they're able to create given limited time, budgets and talent access. As digital experts they can really add value to any shoot and offer great support to the trickiest campaigns". Claudia Lagunas / Global Digital Director / Pepsico International

Irresistible create Pepsi Love with Agency 20:20

Back in 2008, Irresistible were approached by agency 20:20 to produce a double-ending viral video starring Kelly Brook. They approached the work with enthusiasm, and actively participated in the creative process from the very earliest stage.

We shot on 35mm film and performed the edit in-house. We worked with a top colourist Glassworks for the grade. Record label EMI helped source a perfect track from emerging artist Esser. After feedback on a 60” edit, the film was tweaked and the final result was a tight 30” online ad.

Going from storyboard sign off to the web in 7 days, the viral quickly drove awareness of Pepsi Max Kicks across all major digital channels.


Pepsi – Love

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

11th International Food & Beverage Awards
Creative Excellence Award

Project Target
One Million Views

Project Results
35 Million Views

Pepsi Max Site Traffic
15,000 increase per day

Pepsico picked up Irresistible to work on their Pepsi 2010 Football campaign

Building on an already established relationship with Pepsico International. Irresistible’s next challenge was to create a suite of digital ads to amplify Pepsi’s global Football Superstars TVC based in South Africa.

Irresistible shot a series of 5 playful and humorous digital virals and a range of player content on location in South Africa. Meticulous planning was essential to ensure they made the most of the football players time which were often limited to as little as 5 minutes and with little warning of their arrival. Scenes and shots were rehearsed with the crew and stand-ins to maximise to footage captured.


Pepsi Max – Head Balance

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Total Deliverables
Five Virals & Six Player Films

Pepsi – Goalie (Personalised)

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Superstar Players
Drogba Arsharvin Henry Lampard Messi Kaka Meerkats

Pepsi – Bodypaint

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Seeding Budget

Project Target
5 Million Views

Project Results
12 Million Views

Irresistible create four adjacent film sets to capture a Pepsi Max viral, Pepsi/Akon music promo, Gatorade TVC, Lays TVC, all in two hours with Lionel Messi.


Pepsi – Photo

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Project Results
1.4 Million Hits

Irresistible created Pepsi Max Monster Trucks with agency 20:20


Pepsi – Monster Truck

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Project Results

Project Results
87K Likes generated for Pepsi Max Facebook

Again working directly with Pepsico, Irresistible created the digital aspect of the Calvin Harris/Ne-Yo campaign. This was a personalisable film called ‘VIP’


Pepsi Max – VIP

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Matt Nelson

Project Reach
35 Countries

Dwell time average exceeding 4 minutes

Irresistible captured numerous assets for the Pepsi Max Football 2014 PR & digital campaigns


Pepsi – Photoshoot BTS

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Georgina Cowley

Pepsi – Q&A

Director: Jonny Grant
Producer: Georgina Cowley

Irresistible started building relationships with PepsiCo Europe


PepsiCo  – We Are PepsiCo Europe

Director: Yann Green
Producer: Faye Wilkinson

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