Simple / Skin Social

Simple / Skin Social

Director: Tom Stoddart
Producer: Luke Plaister


To create a trailer promoting “Skin Social”, a new YouTube Channel from Simple Skincare, starring talented, young Vloggers.


Director, Tom Stoddart created a natural and fresh film using a simple method; this encompassed Simple’s brand identity.

Our target audience was social media savvy, teenage girls. The edit, pace, and music of the trailer were selected to engage and connect with this demographic.


Irresistible delivered a pop culture trailer that invites an audience to visit the Simple YouTube channel.

The brand and the client were both delighted with the final result.

Skin Social was the second film for Simple by Havas Helia and Irresistible, which built on the success of Simple’s “Zoella” campaign, a two-time social media silver winner at the DMA’s.

Shoot Days

Promo Views

Overall Campaign Views
5 Million+

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