Channel 4 / Toy Soldiers

Channel 4 – Toy Soldiers

Director: Georgia Oakley
Producer: Luke Plaister

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Project Result
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Project Info

Irresistible were commissioned along with Mike Christie, to produce a week’s worth of content for Channel 4’s Random Acts. One of the winning pitches was a rough top-line idea for Toy Soldiers.

The idea was discussed and developed with Channel 4’s random acts development and commissioning departments.

Project Results

After discussion with Ch4, following their request for more coarse language and a further random ending, a script was put into development.

Irresistible Producer Luke Plaister worked with Creative Director Georgia Oakley to manage the project.  With animation collective; Bee Everywhere,  along with Red Bull’s Canimation winner, Chris Butcher helping to bring the animation, complete with abstract explosions, to life. Voice-over accompaniments were generously offered up by the acting talents of Ollie Smith and Leo Wyndham, further elevating the story’s humorous elements.

Toy Soldiers epitomised Random Acts mantra, focussing entirely on specially-commissioned 3-minute films, selected for their bold and creative expressions of an artistic nature.

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