Simple: Skin Social

Last year Irresistible helped Havas Helia launch Simple’s Skin Social Tumblr blog with a suite of content containing mega vlogger Zoella.


With 53,000,000 media impressions, 5,000,000 video views and 27,000 follower shares, a follow-up project was inevitable.

The next instalment introduces the popular Influencers Yanin Namasonthi, Grace Bruce and Ebony Day, who take over as channel hosts and Irresistible were tasked with making an energetic trailer to drive channel subscriptions.




Irresistible Director Tom Stoddart had recently created a promo film for the funky East London coffee shop the Grind helping it to raise millions of investment in days on Crowdcube, making it Crowdcube’s most successful promo of all time. With a similar style required, Tom was the ideal Director for this project.


We caught up with Tom and producer Luke Plaister for some project insight.


 Producer Luke Plaister

“The film was shot on location in Dalston all in a one-day shoot. While shooting was relatively straightforward; a 6K camera was used to allow us to get great close-ups. The client was keen to have plenty of tight shotsSIMPLE - EDIT V9 FINAL (4) on skin, so using the 6K camera meant we could punch-in in post-production with no perceivable loss of quality. The 6K camera is still a relatively new piece of technology and it was great to use this for this.”


Director Tom Stoddart
“The challenge for the shoot was to pull out confident and authentic performances giving a sense of three friends who were naturally comfortable with each other and created the impression they have spent a lot of time together.

Using the walking/talking PTC’s was designed to give the girls a more dynamic approach to their introductions and to capture visually strong self-assured deliveries.
To re-create natural scenarios representing three frieSIMPLE - EDIT V9 FINAL (5)nds at ease with each other we set up small scenes with relevant props and very much allowed the girls the freedom to do what they wanted. Interacting amongst themselves and with the props, we were looking to allow the girls the freedom to let their guard down, forget the crew and just capture real and genuine moments.
As always the main challenge was time and achieving everything within the one day without tiring out the girls, but their natural enthusiasm shone through despite tiring towards the end of the day.”
Simple were delighted with the film, serving well to launch Skin Social, which continues to rise steadily in popularity.