Special K: Chime For Change

Special K, in association with Chime for Change, has recenEllie-Gouldingtly released an Irresistible-produced film to ignite the #BringColourBack campaign. The film has already attracted over 902,000 on the Special K Facebook page, making it one of their most-viewed videos of all time in just under three weeks.


Irresistible Films worked with image research specialist Jody Winterbottom to create a film entirely from stock video to support the key messaging. The film inspires people to share a black & white selfie of themselves to promote awareness of Kellogg’s Special K’s #BringColourBack campaign.


We caught up with producer Faye Wilkinson to give us some details on how the film was produced.


“The clips needed to start in black and white, and transition into colour to show the metaphorical move to a positive future, in line with the campaign’s aims. The biggest challenge we found was finding the right clips that highlighted the campaign’s goals without feeling overly sentimental while remaining powerful enough to evoke action. It’s a delicate balance but I think we achieved it, making a positive film.”


Since the film’s release, plenty of people have uploaded their own Black & White pictures onto the Chime for Change website including artist Ellie Goulding, marking a successful campaign.