The First Ever Crystal Bear For Britain At The Berlinale

The First Ever Crystal Bear For Britain At The Berlinale

Congratulations! Irresistible’s and the UK Film Festival’s latest film, Mike, has won Best Short Film at this year’s 64th Berlin International Film Festival – becoming the first ever British film to win a Crystal Bear.

Mike was selected as Best Short Film, from tough competition within the category Generation 14PLUS. Mike was filmed in collaboration with The UK Film Festival, as their winning script from their 3 minute script competition.

“We’ve decided on a short movie that illustrates an intricate topic in only a few minutes,” said the Berlinale jury,

“The movie creates a frame which spectators then can fill with their own imagination, leaving space for their own interpretation. With subtle imagery, this film tells a story that takes an unexpected turn.”

The film is directed by Petros Silvestros and stars Lucian Charles Collier as Mike, with Louise Breckon-Richards as Mike’s mother . In the 7 minute film, Mike, a sulky teenager hates that he has wasted his Saturday taking his little brother Jack to the hairdresser. Waiting for him in the car, Mike starts to worry when Jack takes too long to return and decides to go and look for him. In a turn of events and with delicate subtlety the film addresses issues of responsibility and denial which stay with you well after watching the film.

Producer of Mike Matt M S Nelson says ‘Winning a Crystal Bear has been a truly humbling and amazing experience. We are very proud to be bringing home the first ever British Crystal Bear.’