UPS – 12 Film Campaign

UPS – 12 Film Campaign

Epic UPS campaign signed sealed and delivered!

Irresistible recently shot and delivered the latest UPS ‘United Problem Solvers’ campaign, comprised of two sets of six films.

To win the hearts and minds of Ogilvy, two top tier directors were sourced who each nailed the unique nuances of their half of the campaign. Emmy awarded Josh Penn Soskin for his high-end, authentic American rye wit and Rob Feng for his graphical compositions. Rob’s background in art direction includes the legendary ‘Game of Thrones’ opening titles.

The small business targeted films have just gone live. Get a taster here.

Irresistible producer Harry Burnett Rae is heading back to New York next week to shoot three films for American Express.


Client: UPS
Agency: Ogilvy New York

Production Company: Irresistible
Executive Producer: Matt M S Nelson
Producer: Harry Burnett Rae

Packet 1:

Director: Josh Penn Soskin
DP: Jonathan Freeman
Post: Whitehouse

Packet 2:

Director: Rob Feng
DP: Ivan Abel
Post: Whitehouse


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