Visit Britain – British Famous

Visit Britain – British Famous

The ‘British Famous’ campaign launched this week which was a rare partnership between Visit Britain, American Airlines and British Airways. Irresistible worked with Ogilvy New York and ‘Superbob’ director Jon Drever to deliver a series of comical films starring British famous Diane Morgan, who attempted to emulate the kind of thing Americans want to see, all with an awkward British spin.

The crew traversed the UK capturing stories and comical content across London, Manchester, Wales and Scotland. All Content had Diane Morgan at the heart, a British comedian whose fame has not crossed the Atlantic (until now of course). Could this be the start of a series of British Famous talent putting their spin on a British guide for American Millennials? We hope so.


Client: Visit Britain/American Airlines/British Airways
Agency: Ogilvy New York

Production Company: Irresistible
Executive Producer: Matt Nelson
Head of Production: Harry Burnett Rae
Producer: Jade Alexander
Director: Jon Drever
Writer: Rachel Stubbings
Director of Photography: Stephen Murphy
Photographer: Phillip Suddick
Editing: James Branch
Graphics: Luke Aldrich
Colorists: Maria Chamberlai & David Torcivia
Sound Artist/Engineer: Cory Melious





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