Will.i.am Dreams About The Future With Lexus

Will.i.am Dreams About The Future With Lexus

In a collaboration with PR firm Freud Communications and Agency Chi & Partners, Irresistible Films has recently produced a video for the new Lexus NX, featuring Grammy-winning performer, philanthropist, and tech entrepreneur will.i.am performing his new track, “Dreaming of the Future.”

Released on the heels of his last single, “It’s My Birthday,” the track highlights the innovative nature of the Lexus NX, which will be the first Lexus to offer a turbocharged engine and which is due to launch in October.

According to director Jonny Grant, the unifying concept of the film is one of striking angles, taking the prismatic aesthetic of the Lexus NX and applying it to every aspect of the visuals.

“It’s all about following the concept of striking angles and seeing how that crops up in his performance, the choreography, the way he moves his body, the angle in which we shoot him and the angles in which we light him,” he said.

When asked about the greatest challenges of the shoot, Jonny pointed to the time constraints involved.

“We were briefed only a week before we went out there and we had to shoot will.i.am in only six hours, but sometimes I find that [these constraints] absolutely improve the creative process,” he said. “People make decisions more clearly.”

Beginning with a shot of will.i.am looking directly into the camera, the film focuses on his blinking eye as the shape of his iris shifts from a round shape to that of the Lexus icon. The extended film, shot with super slomo B-cam footage, transitions into the set of a Madrid nightclub as will.i.am exits. Brandishing his “smartwatch” that he developed with Bluetooth capabilities, he eyes the Lexus NX and turns on the music inside with his watch.

The audience is then plunged into his mind’s eye, entering a fantasy world with shifting planes and sharp facets reflecting those of the car. The image of will.i.am is refracted across multiple surfaces, splitting into eye-catching fragments as he dances in slow motion. The film then concludes with a return to reality as will.i.am flips his shades back on and walks away, smiling to himself.

The film received amazing press, both online and in print, with one national newspaper describing the film as “almost so good that it makes it hard to watch.”

To see what all the hype is about and to see a version of the film please click here.